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March 16, 2013
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[ TGB ] Soren by Galaxy-Prince [ TGB ] Soren by Galaxy-Prince
[ April 19, 2014 | He and Lydia are now Soulbounds! ]

( I D E N T I T Y )

Name | Soren
Kit Name | Bone
Nicknames | ???

Age | 3 SC 6 M (Born in Late Winter/EarlySpring | Birthday is January 19 | Zodiac is Capricorn)

Gender | Male ♂


Current Tribe | Earth-Tribe
Birth Tribe | N/A

Rank | Adult
Profession | Leader
Past Ranks | Deputy, Loner

Lives | [ 9/9 ]

Life 1 : Kept | Lost: Cause of Death

Life 2 : Kept | Lost: Cause of Death

Life 3 : Kept | Lost: Cause of Death

Life 4 : Kept | Lost: Cause of Death

Life 5 : Kept | Lost: Cause of Death

Life 6 : Kept | Lost: Cause of Death

Life 7 : Kept | Lost: Cause of Death

Life 8 : Kept | Lost: Cause of Death

Life 9 : Kept | Lost: Cause of Death

Tattoo | Silver-Earth
Power | Primary, Secondary
Skills | [ Primary / Secondary / Soulbound ]

[ PRIMARY: Feel the Earth | Growing Plants 1 | Growing Plants 2 | Shift the Earth | Growing Plants 3 | These Long Vines | Raise | Shield Me | Earth Spike | Stone Claws | Everything I touch | Small Fissure ]

Skill 1 | Feel the Earth : You can feel the roots of plants beneath the earth, a worm that slithers through the earth beneath your paws.

Skill 2 | Growing Plants 1 : You can control the growing of a seed of a small plant / requires a lot of energy!

Skill 3 | Growing Plants 2 : You can control multiple seeds of medium sized plants / requires a lot of energy!

Skill 4 | Shift the Earth : You can shift the earth beneath your paws.

Skill 5 | Growing Plants 3 : You can control multiple seeds of Big sized plants / requires a lot of energy!

Skill 6 | These Long Vines : You can make vines grow, they can only be growed once out of a seed and be controlled once, so aim well if you have no other vine seeds with you!

Skill 7 | Raise : You can let Boulders rise from the earth beneath your paws.

Skill 8 | Shield Me : Spikes and walls shoot up from around you and protect you from danger!

Skill 9 | Earth Spike : You can summon earth spikes to skewer your enemy up! Requires a lot of energy!

Skill 10 | Stone Claws : You can dig yourself in the ground and hide from your enemies. Your claws will never break when digging.

Skill 11 | Everything I touch : Going in this meditative mode, everything that is plant life around you will grow to full health and power. During this skill however you have barely any controls of you actions and it rains you very fast.

Skill 12 | Small Fissure : You can create small cracks in the earth that go down deep but aren't even big enough to fit your paw in.

Skill 13 | Fissure : On the cost of a lot of energy you can make the ground split in two and raise to devour your enemy and pull it in its cold, dark, grasp..

[ SECONDARY: Move A Rock! | Push Back | Pushing Boulders 1 | Pushing Boulders 2 ]

Skill 1 | Move A Rock! : You manage to move a rock half your size! All by yourself!

Skill 2 | Push Back : You can shove back or overwhelm any cat of any size much easier than normal.

Skill 3 | Pushing Boulders 1 : You can Push a boulder of your own size!

Skill 4 | Pushing Boulders 2 : You can push a boulder twice your size!


Skill 1 | xxx :

Signature Move | N/A

Soulbound | Lydia
Mentor | N/A
Apprentice | Nina
Past Apprentice | Weiland

( G E N E R A L - I N F O R M A T I O N )

Appearance | ( Height | Weight | Breed | General Apperance | Disabilities and Scars | Accessories | Scent )

Height : 16"

Weight : 20 lb

Breed : Chausie x Sokoke

General Appearance : Soren has a light dusty-brown toned pelt, with a darker pattern spreading across his back and shoulders and flank, as well as up his neck and over half his face. His ears, tail, and part of his back/flank are a darker, richer brown. As well as that, his cheeks, flank and shoulders are spotted and ticked with the same brown and a darker tone. The tips of his ears are tufted and fade into the darker brown. Extending from his eyes to his muzzle are two marks, kind of like a cheetah's, that are the lighter of the richer, darker browns. His left eye is a soft blue color and his right eye is a bright orange color. His nose is a dark reddish-pink, as are the insides of his ears and pawpads. He has a short tail that he was born with, and he has bangs that can cover his eyes. His neck/top of chest is marked with a kind of v that wraps around his whole neck that is the lighter of the darker, richer browns. He has long, fluffy fur that is soft to the touch, and he is a very large, tall tom.

Disabilities and Scars : He has a few tears in the top of his right ear from a fight with Caspian. As well as that, he has three scars on his left leg/thigh from a caiman.

Accessories : Soren has a necklace made of bones and a bird skull that he's had since he was young. It's worn down but he still keeps it. He also has a silver nose-ring that he got after joining the tribes.

Scent : Smells earthy with a small tang of river/lake.


Attitude | [ Distracted | Hard-Working | Independent | Intelligent | Over-Protective | Passionate | Realistic ]

Distracted :

Between his duties as a leader, mentoring Nina, and spending time in Water-Tribe with his kittens, Soren has become very busy as well as more distant. Because of this, he has begun to neglect things that he used to spend more time on like eating and grooming himself. He gets up early in the morning- before the sun has risen -and doesn't come back until later in the day when it's getting dark. Although he's exhausted when he returns to camp at the end of the day, he makes his rounds and checks that everyone is okay, making sure that they're eaten and they're comfortable and resting. And even though he has Alcina to help take care of Earth-Tribe, the need to prove himself has grown more intense than it was when he had first become deputy.

Hard-Working :

Ever since he became leader, Soren has been working harder than usual. Partially motivated by the doubt of his tribemates, and partially motivated by Nina and his newborn kittens, he's been trying as hard as he could to do things right. Whether hunting all day until he gets an ample amount of prey, training Nina until she's tired (though not actually exhausting her), or making sure the borders are marked and there, he hasn't really done much else. When not in Water-Tribe with Tuari and their kittens, and not out doing leader and mentor things, he's in camp, making sure everyone is okay and comfortable. His new routine has become basic; get up before dawn, check the borders, hunt, take Nina out for training, go to Water-Tribe, come back during the evening, make sure everyone is okay, and then continue to watch over the tribe until well into the night. Because of this new schedule, he hasn't been eating as much or grooming his fur as thoroughly.

Independent :

Due to growing up with very few others, most of the time it only being him and Deracq, Soren isn't as social as it would seem. He does prefer being alone, enjoying the beauty of the lands and relaxation that he can get. He doesn't focus on others to help him (he helps them instead) and doesn't like to disturb others. Most of the time, he is alone, whether it's hunting alone or just going out alone. Yet, he does enjoy leading patrols and being apart of things when the opportunity shows itself. He relies on himself to fix his own problems, and to take care of himself. He doesn't like being taken care of much, and will sometimes take the night-time to his advantage, looking for a bit of alone time. He doesn't involve others when he has problems, not wanting to include them in his personal dramas, and does value personal space quite a bit. He does not like cats who invades his privacy.

Intelligent :

Soren is a bright tom, always looking to learn more and know as much as he can. He is often called smart, and takes pride in his high intelligence. He knows quite a bit from asking questions and receiving information when he was younger. He has never quit learning, and does like to think he knows more than others, but that's not always the case. He isn't the smartest cookie in the cookie jar, but he definitely isn't uneducated. Growing up with an older cat had its advantages, one being that he was told a lot of things that cats younger than his guardian might not have known. He is very educated and knowledgable about the tribes specifically, since he was told all about them when he was younger. He knows the code and rules and procedures by heart, and can memorize things quickly. As well as that, he enjoys mind-games and questions that involve thinking, and is very good at them and answering hard questions.

Overprotective :

Not dealing very well with loss is something that has made Soren part of who he is today. He hates losing those he loves, which is why he's protective. While it could be called jealousy (or at least linked to it), he is protective of cats he loves or is very close to, and if he likes a female he will be uncomfortable when she's around other toms or cats that could be attracted to her. Even if it's a more family like love, he is protective. Some could call him bossy, but he doesn't want to risk anyone getting hurt, his loved-ones or even his tribemates. He doesn't like taking unnecessary risks, and will try to avoid them as much as possible.

Passionate :

When he loves something, he will show it. As he's not very shy (at all), and will show his feelings and let them flow freely (well, the good ones). One aspect of his passion is in a romantic way. When he loves someone, he will let them know as much as he can. He will tell them everyday if possible, and he will make sure that they know how much he cares about them. As well as that, he is passionate about his tribe and his job. He will take things seriously, and do as much as he possibly can to do what he needs to to be a good deputy and good cat for his tribe. His tribe means more to him than anything else does, and he would do anything for his tribemates. Soren loves to do his job and help others, and he will always put others' feelings and needs before his own. He is quite selfless, and passionate about helping others and doing what's best.

Realistic :

Foolish questions and comments do not run well with Soren. He tries to be realistic about everything. Whether it's about life or death or anything in between, he tries his best to understand everything. He isn't afraid of death, and he has accepted the fact that one day, death will come and he will die, as well as others. But that does not mean he likes it, and does try to avoid it. But, he does know it and accepts it as something that will happen, thinking cats are foolish for denying the end. As well as that, he does not like messing around and being foolish and childish, and is quite mature especially in his way of thinking. He tries to understand what he can, and will try to help others understand too.


Backstory | ( Prologue | Kithood | Adolescence | Adulthood )

Prologue :


Kithood :

Bone's parents were not the kind of parents a cat would want. The mated pair were never actually in love persay, but had instead lusted after each other. Two seasons before his birth, Bone's unknown brother, Sky was born. The young tomkit was, well, an accident. He never knew of his older brother, and he barely knew his parents. He was quite small for a kit, and was sick often. Candrima, his mother, wasn't very fond of him, and neither was his father, Lefu. Due to his getting sick, they would take him to an old healer who, or so rumors had said, once lived in the tribes many, many years ago before he got exiled. He never had kits, and instead lived by himself in a cave with plenty of herbs. He wasn't very well-known, and was quite grumpy, but never turned down someone in need. He didn't use his powers, and instead just used what herbs he knew and what mixtures he made to help. He healed Bone when he got sick each time, though Candrima and Lefu began to use the gray-light as a babysitter so that they didn't have to spend any more time with kits as possible.

Bone was about a season old when his parents left him with the old healer, whose name was, as he learned it, Deracq. He wasn't sick, which caused the young tom quite a bit of confusion. In fact, he was very healthy. He had grown several pounds and was larger than the average kit his age. He had been a good son... hadn't he? He hadn't pounced on their tails or batted at their whiskers, and he hadn't gotten under their paws or climbed on their pelts. What had he done? But, the pair assured their young soon that they would return. It was just a few words, but it was a promise. A promise that they would come back for him soon! But they had to go for a few days, and this old healer would take care of him. And soon, their silhouettes disappeared over the horizon. Deracq heaved a sigh, and ushered young Bone inside the cave. The young tomkit followed him, his parents' promise branded into his mind. He would be a good kitten until his parents got back. He would show them that he was a good son. He would wait patiently for them to come back.

But they never did.

He kept waiting.

He waited for days- weeks- months. But they never came. They never visited once. He was heartbroken, fearing he did something wrong that made his parents hate him. The old healer would tell him he did nothing wrong, and that it was just his parents. Deracq had grown fond of Bone, treating him like he would a son, or a grandson. He was well fed, and didn't get sick anymore. He had grown to be a big kitten, with soft, fluffy fur. He was about six moons now, and it wasn't a surprise when the dark gray mark appeared on his right shoulder. It was the mark of Earth-Tribe; the tattoo that Earth-Tribers were blessed with.

Deracq was proud of the young tom, who, now curious, demanded to hear stories of the tribes. There was Light-Tribe who was made up of healers who were split up in the tribes. There was Fire-Tribe and Shadow-Tribe and Water-Tribe and Air-Tribe, too. They each controlled different things, some of them being obvious, and others being less-so. The young tom was fascinated. To pass the time, he would pretend he was a mighty leader, leading his tribe into battle against the enemy (aka Deracq). But that game got old fast. He was maturing and growing well, and was slowly losing hope in his parents returning, instead seeing the Gray-Light as a guardian. They got along well, and Deracq was, admittedly, proud watching the tom grow up.

Repeatedly, the older tom would say that the dark gray Earth-Tribe tattoo on Bone's shoulder complimented his fur color, as it was a lighter dusty-brown shade and you could easily see the tattoo. Patients who would occassionaly visit Deracq would say the same thing, which would embarass the young male, though it made him feel proud.

Adolescence :

Summer had passed, and so had winter. And again it was spring. The grass was regrowing and becoming a pale green and bright flowers dotted the green fields. Birds sung and snow was finishing its melting. Bone was a year old now, and his parents had not shown themselves since they left him with Deracq three seasons before. But, he wasn't waiting for their return anymore. He didn't care. He was fine, and he grew more intelligent as he got older. He knew quite a bit now, especially about the tribes. He would repeatedly ask his old guardian questions about them and how they worked. He knew practically every story by heart and dreamed of becoming a warrior or a guard in his respective tribe, Earth-Tribe; the tribe whose tattoo could be foun on his shoulder.

He was taught the basics of hunting and fighting, and would practice by himself and with some of the other rogues that would pass by where the two toms lived. He was getting old enough to go out on his own, and go where he wanted and not stay within sight of the den. This was good because as he grew, he became more curious and adventurous, always wanting to know what was out there. He was finally allowed to figure it out, as long as he stayed safe as he did so.

He would be gone for several hours during the day doing various things; hunting, relaxing, exploring, walking around. Every night he would return just before the sun's top disappeared over the horizon with a piece of prey or two so that they could be well-fed and rest well. Since he was able to do more things now, he was the one who did the hunting and sometimes helped gather herbs (he only helped sometimes because he didn't know all of them, and they didn't want to risk him bringing home something poisonous or useless).

While wandering out one day, he came across the carcass of a large bird- a hawk or an eagle or some other bird that was like the other two. Inspecting the bones, curious and full of wonder, he gently took the skull and cleaned it, the bone pristine and fragile. Carefully carrying it back home, he presented it to Deracq, who examined it and gave Bone a questioning look. Admitting that he thought it might make a good accessory, a necklace, he had brought it back, hoping for help in the project, as he didn't know what to do and didn't want to shatter it or fracture it. Agreeing that he would do something, he asked one of his friends for help, who was a bit older than he was. The two old toms, after getting Bone to collect more things to go on it- bones, talons, that kind of thing, created a beautiful necklace with the bird's skull as the main piece. It was a bit big for the young tom, but he was assured that he would grow into it.

He would wander off far, and for weeks-- months, this would go on. He was still only an adolescent, and was still growing bigger. He was as tall as Deracq now, if not a little taller. He still had a couple inches to go before he was as tall as he would stay. He remained oblivious to the fact that he had a brother and rarely thought about his parents.

Adulthood :

He was now a year and a half old, and as tall as he would get. He was a strong tomcat, and he had grown into the bone neckalce more, and now it was only a bit loose, but it wasn't like he wanted it clinging to his neck, pinching his skin and fur. He explored farther away from home still, sometimes being gone overnight. Deracq was proud of the young tom, and was well-fed and was practically retired, barely treating patients and the occasional scratches that Bone acquired while out adventuring.

It was the beginning of Autumn when he met her. Leaves of beautiful reds, oranges, golds and yellows were barely holding onto the branches of the trees, preparing for their fall to the ground. She was a she-cat his age, with a fiery attitude and a pretty pelt. She had the same mark on her shoulder that he had on his- the Earth-Tribe tattoo. They became friends instantly, and they were often found in each other's company. She would sometimes go back to the den Bone shared with Deracq with him, though she never stayed long. She had her own home, though she lived mainly alone since her parting ways with her family in an attempt at a more serene and independent life.

They were very close to each other, and he loved her, but not in a romantic way. He never had any feelings for her, and (to his knowledge) she didn't have any feelings for him. But, they loved each other. They were best friends. They were constantly together. Bone was happy. He was truly happy. But, when the exiles were being called back to the tribes at the end of a war, she parted ways with the tom. She had always dreamed of going and living in the tribes, being with other cats like her and him. It was a hard goodbye, and he promised to never forget her. He would have gone, too, if it weren't for the fact that he was not alone. He lived with Deracq still, and hunted for the both of them, and was practically taking care of him now, due to his old age. He wouldn't leave the old healer alone. Wishing her well, he watched his best friend leave, promising her that they would meet again.

He tried to act normal after the loss of one of the cats closest to him, but his love for exploring and adventuring was ebbing away. He had promised Deracq he would take as best care of him as he could, and that's what he did. It was early winter when he became weak and unresponsive. In five days, he was dead.

Bone was alone now. He didn't have his best friend to comfort him, nor did he have the tom who had taken care of him when his parents abandoned him. He mourned the tom, and buried him in the green grassy fields, where he would be surrounded by beautiful flowers when Spring returned. Not wanting to be reminded constantly of the old healer, he left the den where the two had stayed, and went in search of a new one. He wouldn't be able to stand it if he had to look at the empty space next to his nest.

Over the next few weeks, winter still in full-blast, he moved from shelter to shelter, sometimes staying with a group of rogues for a day or two, as he hadn't found a new place to call home. Still mourning but trying to forget Deracq, he kept going, finding things to distract him. He couldn't even do some of the things he loved; the bodies of water were frozen ofver due to the old temperatures, meaning he couldn't swim or fish. He disliked heights, and was quite scared of falling from them, so he didn't climb. Exploring was boring, and he became tired of his current lifestyle. He kept going, from one part of the land to another, his paws subconciously leading him to the land of the tribecats.

It was spring again, and he was always restless, tiring himself out from the walking and hunting. He did not sleep well at night, and even though the ice on the rivers and streams and lakes were cracking, he did not swim or fish. He stayed independent now, though that all changed one day.

The sun was starting to dip below the horizon, and he was distractedly walking. A sigh escaping his maw, his head hung, Bone watched his paws as he padded on. This was when he met Rey, the new Silver-Earth. He recognized the mark on the Gray-Earth's shoulder, and questioned him. The meeting was odd, but it would seem normal, and even very common when what happened after happened. He had become a part of Earth-Tribe, his tattoo changing from a dull gray to a newer, brighter color. Yellow. The color of a deputy. Along with his new tattoo, he received his new name-- his true name; Soren.

He received suspicious and curious looks after being officially named the new deputy, and he sometimes returned them. After joining the tribe, he looked for his old friend, who had joined the tribe moons earlier, but she was not there. She was not a member of the tribe, which disappointed him. But, he was desparate to prove himself to his new tribe. His whole life had done a 360 in less than a season. And he was ready for what life threw at him next.

Shortly after he joined the tribes, he received his first apprentice, a Blue-Earth whose name was Weiland. The tom vowed then that he would be a good mentor for the tom, and he upheld that promise. Training often, the two toms became close and it seemed like such a short time before Weiland graduated, no longer needing Soren's guidance. By this time, he had met several cats, having been in the tribes for months. A few of these cats included Maika, Kehri, Blaise, Baldr, and several others, also becoming friends with a few of his tribemates, including Firo. After helping free Kehri when his tail became stuck under a rock, he became suspicious of the relations between them, recognizing the names of the two cats who were Kehri's parents. The two never spoke about it afterwards.

When Earth-Tribe had to take refuge in the Clearing of Light and with the Light-Tribers, he became more solitary and worked harder than ever, getting up early and coming back late, always making sure that he was doing what he could. Plus, when he finished his duties, he checked to see if any of the healers needed help, befriending an Orange-Light named Saoirse. During this time, he met another interesting cat, Tuari, and Maika had given birth to Kehri's kits, to which he took the role as uncle, often looking after the four furballs when he had the time. As well as that, when they first attacked the caimans (where Rey lost a life and Tylluan and Aiolos died), he earned three scars on his left leg. Also, he and a Green-Fire, Caspian, got in a fight and he got his ear torn, also scarring the dark, russet tom. When the Green-Lights got their new powers (poison) and needed practice, he volunteered, being the test-subject that Kehri used his powers on, Saoirse being the healer there in case things went wrong.

In the final battle with the caimans, he fought along side Tuari and Kehri, where the two toms finally embraced the fact that they were brothers, and got them to a safer place when they lost lives. He had gotten injured during the battle, though didn't get any permanent scars.

Not long after the battle, Kehri and Maika's kittens [as well as others] got their tattoos. Aven would go to Shadow-Tribe; San would stay in Light-Tribe; Aster would go to Air-Tribe; and Amber would come to Earth-Tribe. After returning to camp, new mentors were announced for the four new apprentices, and he became mentor to young Amber- now known as Nina.

After Rey's untimely death, Soren has become the Silver-Earth, taking over Earth-Tribe. Promoting Alcina, he has become even more devoted to his tribe than before. A few days after Soren became leader, Tuari gave birth to his four kits; Ru, Kari- the only girl, Cloud- who was stillborn, and Zu. Though very stressed from his new rank, he spends a lot of his time in Water-Tribe, his days primarily revolving around being a leader, mentoring Nina, and spending time in Water-Tribe. Not long after the drought began, he and Lydia, after becoming close, made the decision to become Soulbounds.

( F A M I L Y )

Grandparents | Mother's Side : ??? x ???
Father's Side : ??? x ???

Mother | Candrima
Father | Lefu

Siblings | Kehri
Littermates | N/A

Mate | N/A
Former Mate(s) | N/A

Kittens | [ Litter 1 ]

First Litter: Mothered by Tuari :

1. Ru
2. Kari
3. Cloud
4. Zu

Family tree found here.

( S E X U A L - I N F O R M A T I O N )

Sexual Orientation | Heterosexual

Preferences |
• Shorter Cats
• Bright/Unique Eyes

✔ Lasting Relationship
✘ Quick Fling
✘ Unsure


Attracted to/Possible crushes | Tuari

Past attractions | Saoirse

( O T H E R )

Trivia |

• The Toren litter had been planned since August.

• His voice actor would be Skylar Astin who played Jesse in Pitch Perfect.

Allergies |

• Pollen

Theme Songs |


Favorites | ( Prey / Season / Color / Time of Day / Place / Activity / Scent / Cat )

Prey : Pheasant

Season : Spring

Color : Blue

Time of Day : Sunset/Evening

Place : Fisher's Outlook

Activity : Running

Scent : Rain

Cat : Tuari, his kits, Lydia

Likes |

• Swimming

• Rainstorms

• Cloudy Days

• The Dark

Dislikes |

• Cold Places

• Crowded Places

• Being pressured to do things

Fears |

• Atychiphobia (Fear of failure)
• Autophobia (Fear of being alone)
• Acrophobia (Fear of heights)

( R E L A T I O N S H I P S )

Heart Chart found here.

( F E A T U R E S )

Memes |

Plot Meme
Active Tattoo
Dirty Little Secret

Art |

By Me :

By Others :

Literature |

By Me :

By Others :

Past Refs

( R O L E P L A Y - I N F O R M A T I O N )

Roleplay Example | ( Taken from a private roleplay between Kehri and Kena )
[ Orange - Shadow | Kena | The Stepping Stones ]

She hadn't expected to see someone else when she had left camp, and was quite surprised when she heard her name called. Her muscles tensed and her ears perked, and her amber eyes looked up, but brightened at the sight of the familiar tomcat. "Kehri!" The Shadow-Triber let out a purr, hopping from stone to stone to get to the other side where he was. Her tail swished behind her, and her smile was warm. "I haven't seen you for a while. Have you been okay?" She asked, searching his face.

He looked tired, and she wasn't exactly surprised by it. His silver tattoo told it all, plus the fact that he was a father and mates with the devil. She had seen his kits before, and even Lyric had made friends with one of them (Aven) when she had followed her mother to Light-Tribe one day when she had gone to talk with a Green-Light, Caelum. She would have gone and talked to Kehri then, but hadn't seen him. He was probably busy, anyway.

Although Kena knew that if Kakoora found her talking to one of the Silver-Lights he would be quite... angry, she didn't care. The Green-Shadow wasn't fond of him, knowing what had happened between him and Kena, and the fact that he didn't like Light-Tribers at tall didn't make it better. But, oh well. Kehri was still one of Kena's friends, and he was a cat she was quite close to. And right now, she was concerned for him. She didn't personally know the stress of leading a tribe, but it must be hard, especially when you're trying not to be turned into dinner for the caimans. She yearned to ask him more questions, but wanted to know about how he was before anything else.

----> Other examples found here.

Roleplay Availability | ( Notes / Skype / Chats / Forum / Comments )

Notes | ooo

Skype | ooo

Chats | ooo

Forum | ooo

Comments | ooo

(loud groaning)

Soren © Galaxy-Prince
The-Golden-Butterfly © Admins

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